About Me


Hey Guys!

Welcome to my mommy blog! If you’re new here let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Courtney and I am a 29 year old wife and mother of two. Born and raised in North East Florida I am a sun seeking, water sign through and through. Me and my fair skin have a love affair with the ocean and spf 50. I am a former hair stylist of 10 years and have a passion for all things beauty related! No seriously I have a problem. My shoe closet and makeup drawer(s) are busting at the seems. Since “retiring” from my job behind the chair I now spend my days knee deep in diapers and toddler melt downs. When I’m not busy juggling snack time and perfectly coordinated naps, you can find me here. In what small time I do have to myself I enjoy writing and sharing my life through snarky one liners and instagram filters.

Through writing and humor, I hope to share insight on what the life of a stay at home mom really looks like. (trust me its not the pretty pictures you see posted all over this website) Come along with me as I make the transition from one time fashionista living in 6 inch heels and designer handbags to mother of two just trying to survive.

Welcome to my new normal.